DisasterLAN - Emergency Operations and Incident Management

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• Web-based, mobile-friendly | Task, Mission, and Resource Management

• Full After Action and Audit Reports

• Emergency Communication Tools including Social Media Monitoring and Response

• Visual Situational Awareness including GIS and Video Streaming

• Custom Status Boards

Why Choose DLAN?

About DLAN

DisasterLAN (DLAN) is a web-based, mobile friendly incident management system that provides tools for shared situational awareness, workflow-based information management, and real-time communication to help your team prepare for, respond to, and report on issues. With DLAN in your toolbox, you'll be properly prepared to manage daily operations, emergencies, and everything in-between.

DLAN simplifies task, mission, and resource management and allows critical information to be quickly shared. DLAN also includes a full suite of reporting features to allow for easy after-action reporting.

DLAN balances the convenience and affordability of a COTS system with the capabilities of a customized solution tailored to an organization by offering three standard editions that can be configured in a number of ways to meet the needs of any municipality, organization, or industry (such as emergency management, transportation, and education).

DLAN software is available as a traditional installation or as a cloud hosted service/ During the configuration process every DLAN installation is tailored to the specific workflow requirements of each customer and, through our standard tools, administrators can customize many aspects of the system themselves.

Since its release in 2002, DLAN has been used internationally at all divisions of government, as well as in private-sector corporations and educational settings. With DLAN any organization can easily track, manage, and report on multiple incidents and events from one unified mobile ready solution.

Web-based Task, Mission, and Resource Management including Full After Action and Audit Reports

  • Can be accessed from any location from both desktop and mobile devices
  • Optimized for information that flows into and out from an EOC during a disaster
  • Makes logging, prioritizing, and responding to actions simple
  • Distribute missions or tasks to roles responsible and track completion progress
  • Resource and stockpile management
  • Role or Group based file and document storage
  • Includes full chronological after action reports of all activities during an incident/event

Emergency Communication Tools including Social Media Monitoring and Response

  • Built in MASAS Integration
  • Twitter and Social Media feeds can be monitored and responded to from within the system
  • User to user and system to system messaging
  • Build contacts database and message templates
  • Fully interoperable via IPAWS, Email, CAP, EDXL, RSS, and custom integration
  • Emergency communications capabilities provided out-of-the-box with no extra costs or required hardware

Visual Situational Awareness including GIS, Video Streaming, and Weather

  • View unlimited IP-based video feeds
  • View current weather, forecasts, warnings, and animated radars
  • ESRI compatible desktop and mobile GIS mapping developed and maintained by BCG’s dedicated GIS team (no third party vendors)
  • Display Google Maps, Bing Maps, KML, GeoRSS, Aloha Plumes, Pictometry data, and published web map services
  • GIS Map Viewer displays data from other DLAN Modules including:
    • Tasks
    • Resources
    • Streaming Video
    • Real-Time Asset Tracking

Custom Status Boards

  • Designed for easy video projection on any sized screen
  • Custom Status Boards can be created per role or designed as needed
  • Interactive Status Boards designed for all-hazards situaltional awareness displays:
    • Text and PDF documents
    • Graphics and Photos
    • Social Media
    • Live GIS maps with data
    • Animated weather radar imagery
    • Websites and Links

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