Physical Security Threat Risk Assessment Software

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Asvaco™ software is an asset/resource assessment tool used by professionals and organizations to increase efficiency and accuracy during an assessment. Automates and standardizes data collection and reporting procedures, in many cases allowing for self-assessment through the easy-to-use web based application.

  • Methodology - Modules include questions and data collection prompts, designed by subject matter experts, to support the needed end results for specific industries and circumstances. Customization available.

  • Reporting - Automated, customizable, professional, concise and accurate executive report of findings

  • Software features - A color coded vulnerability scale based on Homeland Security Advisory System, Photo & Video Gallery, Microsoft Documents, CAD, voice, plume & blast modeling, and GIS.

  • Application - Client based or SaaS options available

Asvaco Modules

  • Active Shooter Analysis
  • Active Shooter on Campus
  • Airport Assessment
  • Asset Value Assessment
  • Border Security
  • BUS Depot Multi-Hazard Infrastructure
  • Camera Placement
  • Community Site Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Facilities Security Assessment
  • FEMA Multi-Hazard Infrastructure
  • High Rise Assessment
  • Property Management Assessment
  • Medical/Hospital Multi Hazard Assessments
  • Maritime Security MTSA & ISPS
  • Multi Commercial High-rise Assessment
  • Residential Site Vulnerability Assessment
  • Resort/Hotel Assessment
  • School Safety Vulnerability Assessment
  • Shopping Center and Mall Assessment
  • Site Vulnerability Assessment
  • Special Events Assessment
  • TRAIN Multi-Hazard Infrastructure
  • University Safety Vulnerability Assessment

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