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    • Physical security threat risk assessments

    • Standardized methodologies used

    • Integrated G2 viewer for content storage

    • Powerful multi-media presentation tool

Asvaco software is an asset/resource assessment tool used by professionals and organizations to increase procedural efficiency and information accuracy during a physical security assessment. Asvaco™ automates and standardizes data collection and reporting procedures; in many cases allowing for self-assessment through the easy-to-use web based application. Developed by top subject matter experts using security assessment standards, Asvaco’s various modules include appropriate questions and data collection prompts to support the needed end result: A clear, concise and accurate executive report of findings. Software features include: A color coded vulnerability scale based on Homeland Security Advisory System, Photo & Video Gallery, Microsoft Documents, CAD, voice, plume & blast modeling, and GIS

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> Case Study - ASVACO and FutureShield with Go Transit

on the GO

How one of the country's largest mass transit systems keeps track of security incidents.

Canadian Security Magazine Article | March-April 2012

GO Transit began its journey to electronic reporting three years ago and today, as they near their destination, they have a much clearer picture of what's going on across the trains and buses they run throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas.

The VSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center) includes dispatch and incident reporting by D3 Security. It is able to integrate with the risk management software ASVACO and crime statistics reporting of CAP Index to offer GO’s Systems Safety department the real-time information and reporting they need to provide effective counter measure implementation decisions and better predictions for future planning. Cynthia Weeden, CEO of FutureShield, a Toronto-based provider of security and emergency management software, offered product and integration expertise for the project.


> Case Study - BC Hydro

B.C. Hydro puts threat risk assessment software to the test

Anyone responsible for corporate risk assessment knows that keeping tabs on the threat landscape is a much weightier task than it was a decade ago. From security and safety risks to environmental and brand protection documenting risk is a process that has moved beyond the realm of just a pen and paper checklist. It’s also a concern that feeds into virtually every business unit...

...Recognizing that different individuals in the industry come with different skill sets and that B.C. Hydro still relies on a number of consultants to provide threat-risk assessments, Powell wanted to find a tool that would help standardize the threat report process, and the kind of report he would receive.

Powell ended up choosing two products from Toronto-based FutureShield to get a better picture of the risk across B.C. Hydro. At the same time, he was also shopping for an incident management system that would allow the organization to create its own searchable fields, manage existing and future case loads and daily task requirements and meet their multiple reporting needs. Powell went with D3 Security Management Systems software and Asvaco Threat Risk Assessment software, which provided a FEMA and NFPA 1600 standard that B.C. Hydro could measure their risk against. Both of those standards are U.S-based, however, due to a lack of Canadian standard to measure against, it was the highest bar Powell could find to measure his organization against.


FutureShield is an authorized reseller for ASVACO™-Physical Threat Risk Assessment software.