D3 Security - Incident reporting and case management software

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    • Complete Incident Management System

    • Comprehensive Incident Reporting and Case Management

    • Guard Tour with Handheld Incident Reporting and Tracking

    • Dispatch Software with Task Generation and Case Assignment

Developed by security professionals and configured to your unique needs, D3 provides technology solutions that streamline and increase the effectiveness of security operations. The incident reporting solution is a comprehensive report tracking and analysis system. All the features come together in a streamlined application, featuring a summary dashboard and the ability to work with the trend reporting and notification components.

In addition, D3´s Dispatch system assists in automating your traditional dispatch call center, and allows end-to-end tracking of an occurrence from the moment that it is called in through deployment of resources, investigation, tracking and reporting. The result is better reporting which can in turn be used to reduce future risk and cost.

> Case Study - D3 Security with St. Lawrence College

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Deploying the D3 Incident & Case Management Solution at St. Lawrence College's campuses to improve efficiencies in incident reporting, tracking and resolution.


  • After a 2008 security audit, staff at St. Lawrence College realized they needed to update the way their security department operated

  • St. Lawrence College needed an electronic system to replace their manual processes

  • It had a to be a sophisticated, yet easily deployed.


> Case Study - D3 Security and FutureShield with Go Transit

on the GO

How one of the country's largest mass transit systems keeps track of security incidents.

Canadian Security Magazine Article | March-April 2012

GO Transit began its journey to electronic reporting three years ago and today, as they near their destination, they have a much clearer picture of what's going on across the trains and buses they run throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas.

The VSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center) includes dispatch and incident reporting by D3 Security. It is able to integrate with the risk management software ASVACO and crime statistics reporting of CAP Index to offer GO’s Systems Safety department the real-time information and reporting they need to provide effective counter measure implementation decisions and better predictions for future planning. Cynthia Weeden, CEO of FutureShield, a Toronto-based provider of security and emergency management software, offered product and integration expertise for the project.


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