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Risk Management- protect people, property, and processes

Managing risk, the impact and probability of a security threat on your organization, is no easy task. Is the threat man-made or natural? Does this threat affect the physical building, proprietary information, or personnel? Do you have the policies, programs and technologies in place to reduce your vulnerability; are you prepared to respond to an incident if and when it occurs?

Manual or disjointed approaches to security risk assessments can result in outdated and inaccurate information with the increased possibility of breaches. An enterprise is vulnerable when information is inaccurate. Technology is now available to help security professionals identify and prioritize critical and high-risk threats to reduce the risk of physical threats and breaches, information loss, and operational disruptions.

FutureShield offers industry leading software solutions that will support risk managers, as they develop their corporate risk-mitigation strategies to effectively secure their business environments.



Physical Security Audit

  • Identify the level of compliance for mandatory regulations
> Modulo

Crime Stats

  • Crime forecasting and reporting
> CAPIndex

Threat Risk Assessment

  • Automate risk assessments for improved accuracy & efficiency
> Asvaco