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CyberNB - An Essential Stop For Your Company's Cybersecurity Certification

When a business types “cyber threats” into a search engine over 115 million links are available. With so many results how can a small or medium sized business possibly prepare? When the “what ifs” feel overwhelming what can you do to protect your business?

Luckily for Canadian businesses, FutureShield Inc. is working with an organization that can help. CyberNB | CIPnet was formed to fill a crucial gap in Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem and deliver solutions for businesses to mitigate risk. Cybersecurity has no borders, the threat impacts businesses of all sizes, and CyberNB is helping synchronize this sector in Canada and keep cyberspace safe.

To fully compete in the digital economy, businesses need certification that proves they are safe and reputable.  Requirements for doing business within the infrastructure and government sectors often require cyber certification as it relates to supply chain security and business continuity. With CyberNB you have a connection to top programs in Canada and the U.S. CyberNB’s alignment with federal agencies such as Public Safety Canada, ISED, DRDC can make sure you have the tools in place to ensure the supply chain remains resilient and compliant with the national standard.

As cybercrimes against Canadian businesses grow, so do the risks. CyberNB has partnered with HUB International, a leading Cyber Insurance provider, to offer companies peace of mind. With HUB you are covered from loss, and companies who achieve certification through one of our certification portals will receive a 10% discount on Cyber Insurance standard rates.

You understand your business best and CyberNB is here to help with guidance on how to protect it. Whether you are considering CyberSecure Canada certification now, or in the future, preparation and review of the process will make your company more secure. Registration through CyberNB’s portal gives you the tools to understand where you are, what the most urgent items to address are and what to do so that your eventual submission results in successful certification. With these tools the overwhelming “what ifs” turn into the “what can I do to prepare” and the result is a stronger, more prepared, and better protected business.

CyberNB has also recently started offering access to CyberNB’s secure online portal at no cost. Contact FutureShield at or 1-866-675-7835 for more information on this program and how to get started.

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