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CyberNB Leads the Way Building the Next Generation Cyber Security Leaders

FutureShield has partnered with CyberNB to drive awareness of CyberNB’s Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Centre (CI-SOC) as well as their Critical Infrastructure Protection Network (CIPnet) membership program.

We were also excited to learn about other initiatives CyberNB is working on, specifically how they are working to drive awareness of cybersecurity as a career path and work to get the next generation of leaders the training and experience they need to succeed.

I had the chance to talk with Ashley Mataya, Director of Talent Strategy, at CyberNB and learned more about what she is working on.

Why do you think careers in CyberSecurity are important?

  • CyberSecurity is important to almost every aspect of our lives, at the most basic level it impacts our personal privacy and security and from a business standpoint it comes into play with almost every decision a company makes. Since the pandemic began positions in the field have doubled as companies recognize the risk and CyberNB is committed to helping our CIPnet members develop the talent they need to protect their organizations.

Why did you get involved?

  • I have seen firsthand the cybersecurity challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for businesses. Small businesses that never had an online presence suddenly had no option but to create an online presence and are faced with security challenges they had never had to think about before. I am excited to be involved with developing the next generation of leaders in the field that will ensure business continuity for our partners and ensure we are all better prepared for the next local, national, or global event. I am also really passionate about helping expand the cyber security industry and the opportunity to reach a more diverse population including minorities, people with disabilities, women and others to bring their perspective to the industry and make it stronger as a result.

Can you share more about the Cyber Bootcamp?

  • Cyber Bootcamp is an intensive 12-week program brought to you by CyberNB and Canadian tech education leader, Lighthouse Labs, designed to kick-start cybersecurity careers. The first Cyber Bootcamp cohort starts September 2021 for students across Canada. Upon completion, students receive a certificate and are paired with employers to break into the booming cybersecurity industry. Our program is also great in that it focuses on soft skills that students will need. This includes basics like how to interview remotely to more complex like learning how to effectively communicate to terms audiences will understand so they can advocate for industry standard cyber security at your organization. Cyber Bootcamp is not just for stereotypical tech geeks with an IT background, we are looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds, who are ready to learn and are looking for meaningful work in a growing field.

What are other things businesses can do to prepare themselves?

  • The requirements for doing business in different industries may require cyber certification as it relates to supply chain security and business continuity. CyberNB offers a connection to top programs in Canada and the U.S. CyberNB’s alignment with federal agencies such as Public Safety Canada, ISED, DRDC can make sure you have the tools in place to ensure the supply chain remains resilient and compliant with the national standard. Registration through CyberNB’s portal gives you the tools to understand where you are, what the most urgent items to address are so when you do submit for certification you are successful.

Contact FutureShield at or 1-866-675-7835 for more information on CyberNB.

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