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Using Secure - NFC for Trusted ID Cards

This is Part Two in our series on using Secure – NFC for identification. Part One discussed the concepts of Secure - NFC to ensure copy and clone-free proof of presence and proof of compliance.

ID cards are used in many ways, from validating a person’s name and photo and allowing building access or security clearance, to printed named cards proving membership entitlement of gyms, heritage sites or other membership clubs. However, most ID cards can easily be copied or amended to change photos and personal details.

MyTAG has patented Trusted Proof of ID as a secure identification system which verifies the authenticity of any card it checks. To authenticate an ID card, the card is simply tapped against a mobile phone or other NFC enabled device. The swipe activates the transmission of a unique code to a MyTAG server, which responds by providing an instant authentication status. Tapping the card also displays any data and/or images that have been installed via MyTAG’s secure system so that the photo held on the system, cardholder name and company details, current permits, authorisations or training records can instantly be checked. If a card has been copied, then authentication will be denied. If the card has been amended this is immediately apparent to the person checking it.

Membership cards are normally reissued annually when fees are paid. The Trusted Proof of ID allows individual details to be updated directly onto cards already in circulation so that when an existing card is tapped on an NFC enabled device, the current details are pulled from the server, proving live membership details. This removes the need for card reissue, saving time and money and reducing plastics usage.

There is a lot of market noise around using standard NFC for tracking systems replacing the QR and bar codes, but technology has leapfrogged once again and it is time to consider using Secure NFC for your proof of presence, compliance, and Trusted ID card requirements.

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Part Three in this Series will inform how you can use Secure - NFC for asset management. We will discuss how to manage everything from keys, to the mailroom, to inventory.

Mike George, Director and Founder: MyTag

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