Canada's Epicentre for Cybersecurity

About CyberNB

CyberNB fosters a vibrant cybersecurity sector and a safe, resilient digital future by connecting partners in business, government, academia, and society.

CyberNB’s programs focus on four core pillars, each designed to address a different component of the domestic and international cybersecurity ecosystem. From workforce development to accelerating commercialization and maximizing opportunities for collaboration, we work with our members and partners in industry, government and academia for greater collective impact.

Why Join the Critical Infrastructure Protection Network (CIPnet)?

CIPnet is Canada’s most extensive network of cybersecurity stakeholders.

When you join CIPnet, you become part of a national body of cybersecurity professionals driving growth and progress across the ecosystem. Based in Canada, active internationally, CIPnet leverages the power of collective impact to multiply opportunities for members at home and abroad.

CI-SOC: Together, we’re more secure.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the more you share, the better the outcomes. The ground-breaking Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Centre, or CI-SOC, is a collaborative alliance that increases the overall resiliency of Canada's critical infrastructure. CI-SOC enables multiple partners to improve their individual and collective cybersecurity by coordinating threat intelligence to stop more attacks, detect attacks earlier, contain breaches faster, reduce breach impact and recover more quickly.

Cyber Bootcamp - Digital up-skilling for people with non-technical backgrounds

Learn more about Cyber Bootcamp, a CyberNB partnership program, a 12-week virtual training program for non-IT professionals that gives participants in-demand skills for careers in the booming cybersecurity industry. Contact us at for more information.